Drones in Irish Agriculture?

User of drone, I recently came across an article (Link) on the latest Yamaha Motor's toy: The Fazer drone.

Currently tested in Japan and USA,The Fazer drone and The RMAX are two newly created drones for use in the agriculture to carry out some tasks.
Roughly 20 times heavier and five or six times bigger than DJI Phantom products, Yamaha's drones are destined for a commercial use to spray chemicals on large scale farms.
A price tag of $200,000 the drone, the Japanese farmers, who have been using it on rice crops, praise this high tech tractor for considerably saving time and reducing the amount of manpower.
The most common known use of the drones is filming and photographing but the last years have seen some market players, such as Amazon, reinventing their roles (drones to deliver packages).
Before seeing a sky filled with drones, commercial drones have not yet been fully regulated by the respective Federal Aviation Administration of each country.
The industry drone is off a flying start but with the recent stances adopted by the Irish FAA (Link) on drone uses, it is unlikely to see very soon drones on the Irish Farms.

Yamaha Drones website: Link