(Linux) Introduction: Linux Ubuntu

This article is the first of a long series on the subject of Linux Ubuntu.

 I decided to explore the world of Linux with this distro (or Distribution).
Videos and screenshots will be published to create a simplified guide.
The version, I am using is the desktop version of the operating system.
Any question, please drop me an email.

The versions 16.04.3 LTS will be tested on VMware Workstation 12.5 Pro running on the following machine:
Motherboard: MSI Z68AG45 (G3)
Processeor: Intel i7-2600K CPU 3.40 Ghz
Hard disk local machine: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512 GB SATA III
Hard disk for Virtual machine: SSD Crucial CT240
OS: Windows 7
RAM: 32 Gb
Graphic Card: Nvidia Gefore GTX 1060 3Gb
Cooler for CPU: Corsair Hydro H75 Liquid Cooler
Monitor: IIyama Prolite B2712HDS - response time: 2 ms
Monitor: IIyama Prolite B2776HDS - response time: 1 ms

Linux Ubuntu website: www.ubuntu.com