(Linux) Chapter 2: Why Ubuntu?

Two main tools, included in this distro, make Ubuntu standing out: Software Center & Software Store.

Software Center


The software centre lists the default software that can be installed and software store show the software that can be purchaed online or downloaded for free.
The tools provided with Ubuntu are free, quite easy to use and right away allowing to be productive.
LibreOffice is an office suite for word processing, spreadsheet, presentations and publications compatible with Microsoft Office.
Shotwell is a simplified photo editor and GIMP, a more advanced image and photo editor.
Totem Movie Player is the default multimedia player. Openshot is a more advanced video editing software.
Games can be downloaded or purchased from Software store. Also the very famous gaming online platform, Steam, allows access for free to a wide variety of Linux-compatible games.
For a professional and educational use of Ubuntu, this distro is a dreamland for programmers with every programming languages and Python installed by default. Software centre includes also scientific calculator.
Equipped with Firefox as default browser, security is overseen by recurrent update cycle with a system quite quick to boot.